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JEM Kit 5F - The drop centre
A stalwart of Adelaide's tramway system is represented by the South Australian drop centre tram, kit 5F introduced in 2008. These large trams, unique to Adelaide, operated from the early 1920s to 1958. Being supplied with two sets of bogie sideframes, this kit will model any of the F1 trams. The Brill sideframes suit cars 251 to 262, and Commonwealth sideframes are for cars 263 to 284. BullAnt trucks are available for this kit, or it may be built as a static model. RRP is A$115.50.

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JEM Kit 5H
Several of Adelaide's 1929 vintage Glenelg trams can be found in tramway museums across Australia. JEM kit 5H will provide you with a body shell and components to build one of these cars. This kit first appeared in the model shops in February 1997 and it is relatively straight-forward to paint and assemble. These cars look good in either the silver livery of the 1950s to 1970s or the Tuscan red and cream seen currently. The 5H model will operate with a Tenshodo WB24 SPUD, or it can be built as a trailer to MU with a powered model, or as a static model. Kit 5H6 contains the BullAnt floor instead of the Tenshodo / trailer floor, but the 5H6 kit does not contain dummy trucks. 5H and 5H6 kits retail at A$87.50. Alternatively, the BullAnt floor can be purchased separately at A$19.80 to retrofit to a previously purchased 5H kit. Working trolley poles for these trams can be purchased via www.customtraxx.com or model railway single arm pantograps can be used on post 1980s vehicles.

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