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JEM Kits Melbourne Z1

JEM Kits is pleased to announce the release of Melbourne Z1 tram kits in HO scale. You can get yours right now for $132.00.

Kit 3Z1-m is designed around the Halling Vienna C1 mechanism, and components are provided to extend the chassis and cardan shaft. Alternatively, kit 3Z1-s contains a floor with seating, and dummy trucks for a static model, or for fitting your choice of mechanism.

Both kits give you the option of fitting trolley poles, or pantographs with or without air conditioners. As is customary with JEM Kits, instructions are included, and the box is designed to contain the model after completion.

JEM Kit CA16 - Pantograph height extender

For scales TT, HO and S.

The picture below shows Lima trams with the extender installed on the left unit. A black felt pen was used to colour the height extender prior to taking the picture, but it can be painted to match the tram roof.
CA16 image CA16 image CA16 image
Experience has shown that several commercial models fitted with single arm pantographs are too low to operate under standard NMRA height overhead. This little item will help to overcome this problem without looking out of place. The extender is supplied with a 2mm nut and a long 2mm screw (a common thread size for model pantographs) for ease of installation. No drilling or adhesive is required as the single screw secures the pantograph and the extender to the tram roof. The nut is supplied as a means of adjustment inside the roof if the screw is found to be too long. This extender will add up to 6mm of pantograph reach.
The model will not be spoilt by the addition of this item as it can be removed easily without leaving any marks. Price is $3.80.
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